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After we made our red, white and blue homemade play dough last week, I made this quick 4th of July invitation to play for Ellie to explore.

Invitations to play are so easy to set up. You can use whatever you have around your house and it encourages independent play.

 4th of July Invitation to Play Items

  • Wood divided bowl (this is a chip and dip bowl I got off of Amazon).
  • Red, white, and blue playdough (homemade with essential oils and no-cook recipe!).
  • Star cookie cutters.
  • Mini-flag toothpicks (purchased at Hobby Lobby).
  • Star cupcake toppers (purchased at Hobby Lobby).
  • Red, white and blue star beads.

I placed everything in the wooden divided bowl and then let Ellie play with it however she wanted.

Her favorite thing was to take the flag and star sticks and push them into the play dough. This was a great pincer grasp activity for her too.

Have you ever made an invitation to play activity before? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! 

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