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Last week I set up these really fun apple-theme tot school activities for my daughter. She is 25 months old and had a lot of fun with all these activities. She has been asking to do them almost every day since I set them up.

I also made a really fun packet with all the activities and printables you need to duplicate these at home. So be sure to grab the free printable packet at the bottom of this post.

 Graphics from: My Cute Graphics

Apple Theme Tot School Activities

Our Bible verse for the week was Genesis 1:11.

And God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind, on the earth.” And it was so.” – Genesis 1:11, ESV. 

I included this verse on one of the activities we did and we also read the story of creation in the Bible a couple times during the week.

Apple Snack – Practical Life Skills

Set up the apple cutting station at a low table or the kitchen counter with a step stool.

You will need:

  • Apple Slicer (optional)
  • Dull knife for small children or butter knife
  • Plate

Have your child cut the apple in half with a butter knife or into sections with the apple cutting tool.

For smaller toddlers, assist them with cutting the apple into sections using the apple cutting tool and then have them cut the slices into bite size pieces for a yummy apple snack.

Someone was a little excited to snack. 🙂

Apple Paint Prints – Bible Lesson

Print the apple paint prints page with scripture verse (page 5 in the printable packet) and have your child paint apple prints below the memory verse for the week. This activity can follow the apple snack practical life activity above.

If you wish to not sure the scripture, simply provide a plain piece of white paper for your child to use the make the apple prints on.

Apple & Oat Sensory Bin – Sensorial

Apple & Oat Sensory Bin from The Preschool Journey by Angela Thayer. I love picking out ideas from the different resources I have for tot school. Definitely check out Angela’s ebook, it is an amazing resource.

Apple Tree Play Dough Mats

Get your FREE FALL PLAY DOUGH PRINTABLES HERE (from This Reading Mama).

I used a green apple play dough recipe that I made a few weeks ago and also some regular red Play Doh ®.

Apple Theme Color Sequencing, Matching, and Patterns

Print out pages in the printable packet I have below and set up with circle shaped play dough (red and green). It is best to laminate these pages so they hold up while using the play dough.

You can provide the entire page at one time, or cut each line into strips and just provide one strip at a time for your child to complete. I also cut each page in half with two lines of apples.

Apple Theme Dot Marker Numbers 1-10

Print out the apple theme dot marker pages with numbers 1-10. Set up on a tray and provide the red and green dot markers.

Apple-Theme Tot-School Week Printable Packet

Click the link below to get your free apple themed tot-school week printable packet.


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