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It is Back to School time and many of us will be hitting the books, headed back to the classroom, or planning the new homeschool year. Have some fun getting back into the swing of things with this Back to School Pre-Writing Lines and Scissor Packet, a FREE printable I am offering here on the blog.

Back to School Pre-Writing Lines and Scissor Practice Packet Details

In the Back to School Prewriting Lines and Scissor Practice Packet, you will get 11 pages of printables that also double as scissor practice pages. The packet is designed for 3 year-olds and 6 year-olds or preschool age and Kindergarten.

You don’t need to only use a pencil or crayon for these packets. A few great hands-on ways to use these pages include:

  • Cover with Wiki Stix along the lines
  • Squeeze glitter glue bottles along the lines
  • Use pipe cleaners to form the lines and shapes
  • Trace with a finger or paintbrush with finger paint

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