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Usually around this time of year I start yearning for the beach. But alas, we live in Southwest Ohio and the beach is oh so far away. Ellie has yet to experience the beach, so this year I wanted to bring it to her. This is honestly SO easy to set up, I hesitated posting about it. It took me literally maybe 5-10 minutes. But those are the best kind of activities right? So here is the easy set up for our beach themed water sensory table, perfect for toddlers!

Items for Beach Themed Water Sensory Table for Toddlers

  • Water Sensory Table (ours came with a water wheel that is not pictured above)
  • Sand (we used course play sand, you could also use regular fine sand if you can find it. Better yet, grab some from a beach trip and use that if you can!)
  • Real seashells (ours are actual ones I picked up from a previous beach trip, but you can also find some online if you don’t have any)
  • Beach toys (I included a sail boat in the picture, but we also have a few measuring spoons, shovels etc)
  • Toob Ocean Animals or Deep Sea Creatures
  • Water

And that is literally it!

For the set up, I cleaned out our water table from last year, filled up the smaller compartment with the sand and then the larger, deeper area with water. Included the seashells on the sand and the animals in the water with the sail boat. Super easy!

I did set it up the night before so it would be ready to go the next morning when we went outside.

Ellie absolutely loves her Toob animals, so that was the first thing she went for.

I also put the rest of our sand into a large plastic tub and had it sitting next to the water table area. She used many of the beach toys in that to carry sand back and forth. I think quite a bit ended up in the yard too, haha.

She ended up playing with everything for at least an hour that evening before we went inside for bed. This activity will definitely be set up for a while I think on our back porch. Lots of summer fun to be had with this!

#SummerSensoryFun on Instagram

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