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When I wrote my Is it Behavior? Or is it Sensory? 5-week series a couple of years ago, I had no idea it would turn into some of the most popular posts on my site. I recently had a reader ask me to put the entire series into a printer-friendly version and I figured a few of you may be interested in that. So today I have it posted and ready for you to subscribe and download.

Behavior vs. Sensory Subscriber Printable

The series takes a look at behaviors vs. sensory and how different sensory inputs and processing affect a child’s behavior. In particular, the series looks at vestibular input, diet, sleep and screen time, and also discipline ideas.

All of the information in this series comes from a continuing education class I attended based on the topic. I compiled all of my notes and other studies and resources shared during this course and created the series with this information.

The subscriber download is also available at the bottom of each post in the series. You can view them all below:

  • Is it Behavior? Or is it Sensory?
  • How the Vestibular System Affect’s Your Child’s Behavior
  • Your Child’s Diet and How it Affects Their Behavior 
  • How Sleep and Screen Time Affect Your Child’s Behavior
  • Problem Solving Discipline and Sensory Processing 

To download your subscriber printable of this series, simply enter your e-mail address below and click the “DOWNLOAD” button. You will need to confirm your subscription in any e-mail you receive in your inbox and then your download will automatically be sent to your computer. Double-check your “downloads” folder to find it and save it to your computer.

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