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I adore snowmen, I actually collect them and get them all out during Christmas time. My daughter Ellie loves playing with them, so I made her her own build a snowman busy bag. It is really easy to put together and you can keep it in a plastic zipper bag afterwards to have for quit times.

Build a Snowman Busy Bag Items

Here’s what you need to put your snowman busy bag together:

  • Cotton balls
  • 3 Medium black craft pom-poms
  •  Small, medium, large circle cookie cutters
  • 2 Googly eyes
  • Black sparkly foam board (mine had adhesive on the back, I just left the sticker part intact)
  • Brown, orange, and red texture foam board
  • Optional: brown sticks for arms (this will add a more natural experience with the busy bag)

Directions for Snowman Busy Bag

The first thing I did was cut out the black hat, orange nose, red mouth, and brown arms out of the foam board pieces. You may have to order the texture foam board from Amazon if you really want to use it, I’ve not found it anywhere else yet. But you can always use regular foam colors if you want.

I then placed all the pieces on the table for Ellie to use and showed her how to put them all together to make a snowman.

Then she went to town with it. The only thing I did correct her on was putting the arms out of the body instead of the head. Children her age typically do put the arms out of the head when drawing or doing body orientation activities like this. So it is not unusual.

After she was done, we placed all the items into a zipper bag and put them in a basket on her preschool shelf. This way she can get it out whenever she wants to build a snowman.

Have you ever made a busy bag before for nap times or quiet times? Let me know in the comments below if you have!

For more busy bag ideas, check out these resources below.

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