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My 4 year old, Ellie, loves anything to do with animals. Since we have been on a play dough kit lately and I made some amazing calming scented play dough, I wanted to add in her love of animals. She has been asking me to include ducks in one of the kids, so I made this duck pond play dough kit for her.

Duck Pond Play Dough Kit Items

Here is everything you need for the play dough kit

  • Divided kit box (I used the GLIS container from IKEA)
  • Calming scented no-cook play dough
  • Safari Toob Farm Set (we have multiple sets so I just pulled out all the ducks we have)
  • Safari Toob Tree Set
  • Wooden rolling pin
  • Play dough scissors
  • Cookie sheet

After setting everything up in the GLIS container and providing her with the cookie sheet, I just let her explore and play.

I used the three colors so she could pretend that some was the land (green) and the other blue colors were water. She decided to push the ducks and trees into the play dough and then we talked about the prints left behind.

She has never been one to really roll out play dough and use it that way, but you could certainly use the rolling pin to roll out the colors and make a small world in the cookie sheet.

What I love about the play dough kits is there is no right or wrong way to play with them. It allows for open-ended play and is a great activity for an afternoon quiet time or calming time to help wind down before bed.

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