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Today I am going to share some fun feather sensory play ideas that your kids will love to play with. This post is part of the A-Z’s of Sensory Play for Kids series we have been doing this month.

What is great about using feathers is that you can double it up as a fine motor activity, math, language, arts and crafts, or any other type of school activity while your kids are getting that great sensory awareness with the feathers.

Feather Sensory Play Ideas for Kids

These play dough birds  from Craftulate are a great combo of fine motor and sensory play with the feathers and play dough combined. She also has another great red bird craft that combines some great fine motor skills with gluing.

Here are two great sensory bin ideas, one is a Spring bird’s nest included in a themed spring sensory bin from Building Blocks and Acorns. I also have a St. Patrick’s day sensory bin here on GRB that features feathers as the base of the sensory bin.

These last three are great for combining different learning experiences along with sensory play. I love how Learning and Exploring Through Play combined learning about the weather, specifically wind and feathers.

My fellow therapy blogger friends over at The Inspired Treehouse also combined fine motor and sensory activities for these fun spring feathered chicks.

School Time Snippets also has a really awesome gross motor “follow the texture road” sensory walk. I love how it encourages sensory play with the feet.

And lastly, here is a great unit study from My Bright Firefly on using Pinecones and Parrots to talk about the letter “P”, but also combining great sensory play using feathers to make Pinecone Parrots.

So as you can see, sensory play can easily be combined with lots of different activities. I bet you once you start looking at how to include some feather sensory play with your kids, you will realize how much sensory play they are already doing, just by using their hands to explore the world around them.

For more sensory ideas, be sure to follow my Pinterest board below and the sensory play series here on GRB.

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