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It’s fall time here in the US and that means lots of fun fall activities are in store for us. My daughter Ellie has been looking forward to the trees changing colors and the leaves falling so she can jump in them. I decided to make some fall leaves cutting strips for her to practice her scissor skills with for preschool activities this week. I’m sharing the printable with you and also some tips on how to use them.

Tips for Using the Fall Leaves Cutting Strips

Here are a couple of tips for using your fall leaves cutting strips.

  • Use card stock instead of regular computer paper when printing. The card stock is sturdier and easier to handle for many beginners with scissors.
  • Use scissors that will only cut on paper (if you are using these with a toddler especially).
  • If you have a child who is struggling to hold the paper at the same time, cut the strips ahead of time so they only have to worry about cutting the small lines between the paper.
  • Always start with the straight lines first. As your child masters these lines, you can move on to the curve and wave lines.
  • You can also use the wave line strips as a puzzle when your child is done. Simple laminate the pieces and use them as a busy bag activity.

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