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Sensory activities just don’t have to be for older children, babies can benefit from them too. My daughter is 1 year old and is still in the “everything must go in my mouth” stage. So doing sensory activities with her tends to be a little more challenging since I want to make sure what she puts in her mouth is safe. I came up with this very simple sensory basket for her from items that I had already gotten for a corn meal sensory bin we did earlier the week.

Fall Sensory Basket for Baby

Here are the items I included in this basket:

  • Orange colander
  • 2 artificial fall orange leaves 
  • 1 felt sunflower 
  • 1 real pinecone 
  • 2 orange “pine needles”
  • Wooden Owl Toddler Toy – Melissa & Doug
  • Brown Burlap 

I tried to stick with the fall color scheme, as well as items that you tend to see in the fall time.

She really enjoyed this basket, in fact it is still over in her toy corner in the living room and she will go over and pull it out on her own sometimes.

It is super easy to put together and equals hours of fun and entertainment for your little one. I love introducing Ellie to new sensory activities that include textures, smells and sounds. It is so much fun to watch her explore and learn through the world of sensory play.

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