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Looking for a way to keep kids busy this summer? Enhance their dexterity by engaging them in the following summer finger dexterity activities.

The summer months are a great time to work on fine motor and gross motor skills that will benefit your child’s academics.

Fun Summer Finger Dexterity Activities for Children

Here are some fun summer activities that you can have your kids do to improve their finger dexterity.

– Press cookie cutters into dough or putty

– Play with finger puppets

– Twist and turn small lids, nuts, or bolts

– Fold paper (i.e. origami, airplanes, etc)

– Play with marbles

– Plant seeds in a garden or flower pot

– Draw shapes and write words in a variety of mediums (shaving cream, sand, finger paint, etc).

– Draw designs on an Etch-A-Sketch board

– Play board games with small pieces to manipulate (ex: Monopoly)

– Use fingers to sprinkle toppings on food (cheese, etc.)

– Complete lacing cards 

– Learn how to crochet or knit 

Keep reading to find out a little more about finger dexterity and why it is an important skill for your child.

What does finger dexterity mean?

Finger dexterity refers to the ability to handle or manipulate small objects with your fingers. This means you can also move your fingers independently or together to manipulate various small objects. 

Finger dexterity is a fine motor skill that children develop over time and is important for handwriting when holding a pencil, using the keyboard on a computer, everyday life skills like using zippers, snaps, or buttons, or hobbies such as playing a musical instrument like the piano or violin. 

How can I improve my child’s finger dexterity?

Many fine motor activities can help your child develop good finger dexterity, like the ones I mentioned above. 

You can include other activities like completing a puzzle, crafts, using scissors, practicing with clothing fasteners, sewing, completing peg activities, counting coins, or stringing beads, etc. 

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