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I made this googly eye color matching activity to go along with our letter G Letter of the Week tot-school theme. Coming up with some letter G activities was a little tricky, but then I remembered we had these really cool colored googly eyes, so this fun little activity came together and Ellie really enjoyed it.

Googly Eyes Color Matching Activity

What you need:

  • Googly Eyes Coloring Matching Printable <—- click there to download it
  • Colored Googly/Wiggly Eyes

You may call them wiggly eyes, but since we were needing something for the letter G, I decided to go with googly eyes. Either way, it works.

All you need to do is print out the printable above and gather your googly eyes (make sure you have some of each color) and put them in a bowl. You could use a wooden sorting dish if you wanted, but I decided just to go with one bowl for all of them.

I introduced the activity and first asked Ellie to identify all the colors on the page for me, which she did. Then I showed her how to match a couple of the colors to the correct circles. She took it from there and caught on very easily with the rest of them.

This activity was perfect for her right now because she is all into categorizing and sorting things right now. All of our stuffed animals always get put together by their type (mommies and babies), her little play lamps from her dollhouse get put next to our lamps in the house. She even puts all of grandma’s decoration snowmen together or her watering cans together when she goes over there.

So if you have a child who loves sorting and organizing by types or colors, then this is perfect for them. And it’s always fun to do with some fun shapes and items such as googly eyes.

For more hands-on activities like this one, be sure to keep up with my Letter of the Week theme activities and also check out this board on Pinterest.


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