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I am very excited to have Angela of Teaching Mama here with us today in the A-Z’s of Sensory Play for Kids series, sharing about some awesome jello sensory play ideas. 

Jello is so much fun to use for sensory play because it engages all of the senses! Jello smells yummy, looks colorful, feels jiggily, sounds squishy, and tastes sweet! There are lots of ways to use jello as a sensory play material. The easiest way is to put several colors of jello in a bin and let the kids explore!

Before inviting my kids to play with the jello, I cut up the jello into squares and put them in a plastic bin. I also set out play tools for them to explore the jello with. They were SO excited to play!

Since the jello came from the fridge, it was cold. But that didn’t stop them from wanting to touch and feel it. Playing with jello is a great way to engage the senses and practice language skills with children. Talk about how the jello feels to them. Does it feel cold? Squishy? Sticky?

For those who don’t like their hands to be messy, you can use tools to play with the jello. I got out scoopers, tongs, tweezers, and other tools for them to play with. One of my favorite tools to use with jello is a lemon squeezer. It’s super fun to squish the jello through it! And you could hear the jello squishing through!

We also used a variety of tools to scoop the jello. I liked the egg separator because you could sift the piece of jello through it.

And you know what my boys’ favorite part was? Tasting the jello!

We loved playing with jello. It was an engaging, messy, and fun sensory play activity!

If you’re looking for more things to do with jello, check out these play activities!

Jello Playdough (my favorite way to make playdough!)

Jello Eruptions

Jello with Toys in It

Angela is a former teacher turned SAHM to three beautiful boys. She loves to share hands-on learning activities for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers on her blog, Teaching Mama. She is also the author of The Preschool Journey ebook.

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