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Letter G activities were a little challenging for me with our Letter of the Week tot-school. However, since I am all about keeping it as simple as I can, we managed to add a couple fun things while also just keeping to the basics.

For each week of tot-school that I plan with the letter of the week theme, I divide into 8 sections with one activity per section for the week:

  • Bible
  • Practical Life
  • Fine Motor
  • Sensory
  • Pre-Writing
  • Gross Motor
  • Reading & Math
  • Craft (typically themed with our Bible lesson)

Items Needed for Letter B Activities Week

Each week I use our Weekly Homeschool Planner pre-school pages to plan out the week and also list out the items I need for each week. Here are this week’s items:

  • Montessori by Mom Language Box (includes sand tray, moveable alphabet cards and sand tray)
  • Montessori Letter Work 
  • Letter G from ABC’s of Movement Cards
  • Little Letter G Book from The Measured Mom
  • Handwriting Without Tears Wood Piece Set for Capital Letters with letter cards
  • Googly Eyes Color Matching Printable
  • Colored Googly/Wiggly Eyes
  • Sand tray
  • Paint brushes
  • Goop Recipe (Valentine themed for sensory play)

Googly Eye Color Matching

Ellie has been interested in categorizing and organizing by similarities so I decided to do colors with this one. You can head over to the Googly Eye Color Matching post I wrote to grab the free printable for this one.

Letter G Pre-Writing Tray

This was set up with our Handwriting Without Tears wood capital letter let and cards. Ellie traces the letters with her fingers after placing the pieces in the appropriate spot.

Letter G Gross Motor Play

We are using the ABCs of Movement cards, you can read my review of them on the blog. I really love these cards, they are a lot of fun.

Goop Recipe for Sensory Play – Valentine Themed

This goop recipe is always a huge hit with Ellie for sensory play. I decided to make it Valentine’s themed since that is right around the corner.

Letter G Sand Tray

Sand work is probably one of Ellie’s favorite fine motor activities right now. She did very well with letter G this week and even attempted a G on her own after I had showed her a model.


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Letter G Bible Verse

We are using the Letter of the Week Bible Verse printable I made for Christian Montessori Network. Each week we have a different Bible verse to go along with our letter. We usually do worship right after breakfast which is when we read the verse.


More Resources for Tot-School Activities

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