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It’s time for the letter O activities in our Letter of the Week tot-school series. By now you know I like to keep things simple and this week was no exception. We are still struggling to get into a routine from the holidays and Ben also decided to go down to two naps instead of three, so we are re-arranging things again. These kids like to keep me on my toys.

For each week of tot-school that I plan with the letter of the week theme, I divide it into 8 sections with one activity per section for the week:

  • Bible
  • Practical Life
  • Fine Motor
  • Sensory
  • Pre-Writing
  • Gross Motor
  • Reading & Math
  • Craft (typically themed with our Bible lesson)

Items Needed for Letter O Activities Week

Each week I use our Weekly Homeschool Planner pre-school pages to plan out the week and also list out the items I need for each week. Here are this week’s items:

  • Montessori by Mom Language Box (includes a sand tray, moveable alphabet cards, and sand tray)
  • Montessori Letter Work 
  • Letter O from ABC’s of Movement Cards
  • Little Letter O Book from The Measured Mom
  • Handwriting Without Tears Wood Piece Set for Capital Letters with letter cards
  • Wood beads
  • Lacing String
  • Owl lacing card and string
  • Oobleck recipe

Pre-Writing Tray for Letter O

The letter cards are only supposed to be used with the larger circle shapes, but I also added the small ones since Ellie is very much into big and small items that are the same. We also use our Montessori Letter Works book to trace the small O.

We also added in the sand tracing with our sandpaper letters as additional work since Ellie loves using the sand tray.


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Owl Lacing Card for Fine Motor Skills

Ellie isn’t into lacing cards much, but I add one in every once in a while to give her the opportunity to try it. She did try it once this week but didn’t focus on it much.

Round Beads for Stringing

I found these textured round beads in the craft aisle at Wal-Mart. Ellie is a little more into stringing beads so she did this one a couple of times. She especially liked the different textures of the round beads.

Letter O Gross Motor Movement

Ellie loves pretending to be animals, so these ABC’s of Movement cards have been perfect for her.

Oobleck Recipe for Sensory Play

This sparkly scented winter oobleck recipe has been our favorite sensory play activity to date. Ellie played with this for literally HOURS. 

More Resources for Tot-School Activities

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