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We are a little behind on our tot-school activities this month because we have all been sick, first Ellie for two weeks, then mommy. So I scrambled this week to get our letter T activities for tot-school together. Keeping it simple still, but lots of great skills being worked on.

For each week of tot-school that I plan with the letter of the week theme, I divide into 8 sections with one activity per section for the week:

  • Bible
  • Practical Life
  • Fine Motor
  • Sensory
  • Pre-Writing
  • Gross Motor
  • Reading & Math
  • Craft (typically themed with our Bible lesson)

Items Needed for Letter T Activities Week

Each week I use our Weekly Homeschool Planner pre-school pages to plan out the week and also list out the items I need for each week. Here are this week’s items:

  • Handwriting Without Tears Wood Piece Set for Capital Letters with letter cards
  • Montessori: Letter Work
  • Little Letter T book from The Measured Mom
  • Sand tray and sand
  • Paint brush
  • ABC’s of Movement Letter T card
  • Train beads and lacing string
  • Train graphic for lacing card
  • Hole punch
  • Laminator
  • Lacing string
  • Optional/Seasonal: Turkey crafts for toddlers
  • Additional Train tot-tray ideas

You can also check out our daily tot-school routine as well as our Montessori inspired tot-school space.

Letter T Sand Tray for Pre-Writing Skills

First thing I did was show her how to trace the letter T or “tuh” in the Montessori Letter Work book with two fingers. Then using a paint brush in the sand tray, we worked on the letter “T” and “t” and also vertical and horizontal pre-writing lines.

Remember that it’s not about perfect copying or tracing at this point, just exposure and practice with line making.

Letter T Pre-Writing Sticks

We used our Handwriting Without Tears items for this board. I had her trace the wooden lines from the top to bottom and left to right after placing them on the letter T card.

Train Lacing Card for Fine Motor Skills

I used a train graphic from Open Clipart, printed it, laminated it and then punched holes into the wheels with my hole punch. Then I tied the lacing string to the end.

Train Bead Stringing for Fine Motor Skills

Letter T Card from ABC’s of Movement for Gross Motor Skills

You can read more about the ABC’s of Movement cards in my review here on the blog. I really like these cards for gross motor skills as well as literacy concepts during movement.

Ellie can tip toe, but she didn’t want to copy me doing it with the card. So we are still working on this skill.

More Resources for Tot-School Activities

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