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Are you looking for fine motor activities for older children? Those fun preschool activities just aren’t cutting it and you need something more age-appropriate. Origami is a great option for older children who need to focus on fine motor strengthening.

Today I have a fun Ocean Animal Origami printable set for you to use with older children.

For this specific Origami set, I would suggest ages 8 and older, depending on your child’s ability. Younger children may be able to still complete this with assistance to follow the instructions or modeling.

Benefits of Origami for Older Children

There are so many great skills that children can work on with origami. Some of these include:

  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Spatial awareness
  • Concentration
  • Sequencing skills
  • Math reasoning (Origami is turning a 2D shape into 3D)
  • Patience and attention to detail

Cultural Significance of Origami

Origami comes from Japanese culture and has been used for centuries. It is used to foster creativity among the youth and as a pastime or leisure activity for many.

Origami literally means folded paper. It is the art of taking paper and folding it into 3D shapes to create a story.

Origami can be used at any age, depending on the level of difficulty.

Video Tutorial of Ocean Animal Origami Set

I’ve added two videos with step by step for making each animal in this origami printable set. You can find both of the videos below.

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