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I have had my eyes on Peanut Balls for a while, they are an excellent way to improve core strength and positioning for desk work. So when Fun and Function asked me to check out their Amazing Peanut Ball, I was very excited to share about it with you all.

I received a free Peanut Ball from Fun and Function in order to complete this review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own. 

My daughter is 4-years old and I have been wanting to challenge her on some core building and crossing midline exercises. This peanut ball is the perfect thing for both of these skills. Rather than using a typical, round therapy ball, the peanut ball allows for the child to grip the sides of it with their legs, adding more stability.

This also makes it the perfect seating option in a classroom or at a desk at home as well. It provides more stability than a regular therapy ball and offers multiple ways to sit on it, such as straddling or sitting on it like a log. You will probably need to get a larger size, depending on the height of your desk or the size of the child. We have the medium size, a yellow one for this review and it seemed to be just the right size for my 4-year-old (she is just over 3 feet tall).

Some fun ways to use the Amazing Peanut Ball from Fun and Function include:

  • Rolling forward the stomach and weight-bearing on the arms
  • Laying on the back and reaching behind their head while turning the head upside down (inverting, bonus points for vestibular input!)
  • Cross midline by having two children sit on the ball, back to back, and pass a small round ball back and form to each other (side to side and above their heads)

The Peanut Balls are great for kids who struggle with:

  • Balance (vestibular input)
  • Developmental Delays
  • Gross motor skills
  • Low muscle tone
  • Sensory seeking behaviors

The Peanut Balls for designed for ages 3+ and made from Latex and BPA FREE PVC. They are also super sturdy and can hold up to 750 lbs. Fun and Function offers sizes from small to extra large to accommodate a variety of children and heights. You will need an air pump that is NOT included with the balls, so make sure you already have one or you can purchase one additionally from Fun and Function with your order.

Fun and Function is a great company that offers toys, games, clothing, and therapy products for children of all abilities. They offer affordable pricing, high- quality items and kid-friendly designs that make them a go-to destination for many families and health professionals.

Be sure to check out their Amazing Peanut Ball and use it in your homeschool or classroom this year.

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