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I am happy to have Louise of Messy Little Monster sharing with you all today. She has some really cute ideas for using play dough sensory play with your kids. This post is part of the A-Z’s of Sensory Play for Kids series.

Hello, I’m Louise and I am delighted to be joining in with the A-Z of Sensory Play for Kids Series

I blog at “Messy Little Monster’ and I would love you to pop over to see all the crafts, activities, and adventures I get up to with my little monster Harry (3) and his baby sister Daisy (6 months). You can also find me on facebook and pinterest

I am a primary school teacher and I LOVE anything arty, Harry loves making a mess and Daisy just smiles at everything! We have lots of arty, crafty, messy fun together and I would love to share our creations and activities with you.

P is for Play Dough Sensory Play

Today I’m really excited about sharing one of our playdough activities with you. Harry absolutely loves playdough and it can keep him entertained for hours! We use this simple microwave recipe to make our playdough. We store it in an airtight container and it lasts months.

Harry loves the sensory aspect of playdough; rolling it, squashing it, and pushing things into it, but he also loves using it to creative imaginative small worlds. Click here to see our playdough jungle or here to see our winter wonderland.

Today’s play was based around dinosaurs. Harry hunted out all his small plastic dinosaurs and found a few plastic trees whilst he was hunting. We collected some twigs, leaves and stones from the garden and I found some blue material/ ribbon that we used as water.

I gave Harry his playdough and as he often does he flattened it straight away. He started building a dinosaur land using the trees, sticks and stones. We added the ribbon as a stream and then in came the dinosaurs. First he started placing one or two dinosaurs carefully onto the playdough but before long the dinosaurs land was over flowing with dinosaurs.

We had fun making footprints in the playdough and letting the stones fall on the dinosaurs as snow!

If you have a child that loves dinosaurs you might also like our gloop dinosaur small world for a bit of messy fun!

So mix up a bit of playdough and let your child use their imagination. I wonder what your child will come up with?

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