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Today I am happy to have Dusty of To The Moon And Back sharing this really fun rainbow soft sensory bin idea. This post is part of the A-Z’s of Sensory Play for Kids series.

I am totally new to the world of sensory bins. When I first heard that name I had no idea what on earth it was, what it was for, or that it was a popular activity for young children. After seeing some of my favorite kid bloggers start to share some amazing sensory bin posts and ideas, I was still unsure if I would jump on the “bandwagon.” I’m not afraid of children making messes while actively engaged in learning or play, but I just couldn’t decipher the benefits.

Over time, after reading tons of articles and other things that explained the benefits of using sensory bins, I decided to give them a try! I am so glad that I did and so are my children! They have provided a great source of entertainment for my two youngest children and have given us more ways to explore topics that we are studying in our homeschool.

My favorite way to use them now is with my very active toddler who I often have to keep busy during our lessons. He wants to be a part of everything his big siblings are doing, so having a little bin readily available for him to explore at the table or nearby is extremely helpful.

For my contribution to the A-Z of Sensory Play series, I’m sharing our most recent sensory bin–a rainbow soft toddler sensory bin! This is a super easy bin to put together and all you need are a few items.


  • rainbow colored yarn
  • colored feathers
  • felt in varying colors
  • a plastic bin or other container

First cut the yarn up into a variety of lengths. I used the entire skein to fill up my bin.

Then take your felt and either cut it up into bits and pieces or you can do like I did and make shapes in different colors.

Finally, add feathers and you’re done!

So easy, so colorful, so fun for your toddler to play in!

My little guy spent quite some time picking up the felt shapes and feeling them. He learned that he could tickle his siblings with the feathers and thought that was very amusing. He liked to pull the yarn up and watch the string hang down.

He is a very active toddler, always moving and exploring, so for him to sit still for about 15 minutes with this bin was fantastic!

I’m so glad that I took a step into the world of sensory bins! They’ve opened a whole new world of exploration for us!

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Dusty is a stay at home, homeschooling mother of four and has been married to the love of her life, a Southern gentleman, for 9 years. She is trying to find her own path in this great wide world while devouring chocolate and leaning on the Lord. She blogs about homeschooling, homemaking, motherhood, and faith at To the Moon and Back.

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