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Today over on Periscope I shared about recognizing your child’s sensory needs and gave some ideas on what we are doing in our home for our own kids.

I focused on my 3-year-old mainly for this topic, I actually completely forgot to include the baby, haha. I had planned to and then it just slipped my mind. You can watch the replay on YouTube below (it is about 15 minutes long).

**Note, my husband was sending me texts and so my phone cuts out a few times during the video. Not too much was missed though and I will make sure everything is included below.

#SensorySunday Periscope Episode #1 Show Notes

  • What are the 8 Sensory Systems?
  • Sensory Activities for Kids (all the activities I have shared here on the blog)
  • 6 Activities for Children Who Jump and Climb (vestibular and proprioceptive systems, which is my daughter to a tee!)
  • Ark Therapeutics (this is the part that cut out in the video, you see a brief shot of one of their chews).
  • Mini Trampoline (this is the one we have in our home)
  • Understanding Your Child’s Sensory Signals Facebook Page
  • A Sensory Life

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