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My 4-year-old little guy is starting to show an interest in writing. This may seem early based on typical pre-writing line development, but he has an older sister who is writing. Before I start formally introducing letters to him, I want to make sure he has a strong foundation for pre-writing lines. This fun winter-themed snowflake pre-writing activity is perfect for that.

Items Needed for Snowflake Pre-Writing Activity for Preschoolers

You will need the following items:

  • Blue or white construction paper
  • White or blue crayon or colored pencil (mini crayons and colored pencils are the best options for this age)
  • White and blue pipe-cleaners or small pom-poms
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue (white glue or glitter glue)
  • Q-tips (for option 2)

Instructions for Snowflake Pre-Writing Line Activity for Preschoolers

I’m going to give you two alternative directions for this activity. One may work best for older preschoolers who are able to squeeze the glue bottle. If you have a child who struggles with the glue bottle, I’ll give you an alternative activity for that.

Both options are great for pre-writing lines, fine motor and visual-motor skills, all foundational skills needed for handwriting success.

Directions for Option 1:

This option you can also choose to use the blue construction paper with the white crayon/pencil or the white construction paper with the blue crayon/pencil.

Show your child or student how to draw the snowflake using vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines. Diagonal lines are an advanced pre-writing line. Children don’t typically master them until age 4.5. So if you are working with a younger preschooler, they may need help with these.

Start the snowflake with a vertical line, then a horizontal line making a cross shape. Then add one diagonal line to each side of the cross shape.

Then add two small diagonal lines to each top of the lines, like below.

Next, have your child trace each line with a line of glue while squeezing the glue bottle. If you are working with blue paper, white glue will probably show up best. If you are using white paper, feel free to use white glue or glitter glue. Blue glitter glue would be a nice addition.

After adding the glue, use the pipe-cleaner, pom-poms, or cotton balls to decorate your snowflake.

Directions for Option 2:

Have your child draw the lines for their snowflake as in the directions for option one.

Empty the glue into a small cup or bowl and offer your child a Q-tip. Have them use the Q-tip to dip into the glue and then paste it onto the paper following the line.

They can decorate their snowflake just like above, with pom-poms, pipe cleaners, or cotton balls.

This was a very simple activity that both of my children enjoyed, even my 8-year-old. It’s never too late to continue practicing pre-writing lines and strokes, especially since she is writing in school more this year.

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