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Today I have another free I-Spy-themed printable for you. I-Spy pages are a great way to work on visual-perception with our children, especially in this age of telehealth and virtual services. This Sensory Processing themed I-Spy printable also comes with access to a Google slide option to use in a virtual environment.

Benefits of I-Spy Pages

Some benefits of using I-Spy pages include:

  • promotes working memory skills
  • can improve visual discrimination – recognizing details in a picture and discriminating between shapes and letters
  • exposure to more vocabulary – describing and naming what they see

The 8 Senses Themed I-Spy Pages & Google Slide

I created some 8 Senses Themed I-Spy Pages with accompanying Google Slides for virtual activities and telehealth services.

All 8 sensory processing systems are included in this printable and can help introduce these systems to your child or student.

To get a better understanding of all eight sensory systems, visit my blog post, What are the 8 Senses?

It is important that children understand how their sensory processing systems can affect their learning and behavior. I’ve created a few other resources to help you introduce sensory processing to your children over on the site Sensory Processing Explained.

  • My Senses Day Camp Program
  • My Sensory Self Workbook
  • Introducing Kids to Sensory Processing Starter Kit

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For more resources like this one, visit the links below.

  • Visual Writing & Editing Checklist for Students
  • Why is Sensory Play Important for Development?
  • Visual-Motor Development Checklist
  • 10 Ways to Help a Sensory Sensitive Child

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