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If your child is struggling with visual input throughout the day, whether at school or home, there are some strategies you can try to help. Today I want to share a little about the visual system and some of the best activities for the visual system.

What is the Visual System?

The visual system consists of using our eyes to see what is far or close to us. A typical person is able to use smooth and precise eye movements to scan and visually assess their environment

For children who struggle with visual input, you may notice them struggling with the following things:

  • sensitivity to sunlight or fluorescent lights
  • overly distracted by classroom or home wall decorations
  • poor eye-hand coordination
  • difficulty tracking across a page while reading
  • difficulty copying from the chalkboard

The Best Activities for the Visual System 

Here are some ways you can help a child who is struggling with visual input:

  • minimize wall decorations or distracting designs and patterns 
  • adjust the lighting in the home (cover florescent lights or turn them off and use natural light or lamps)
  • use a table easel or slanted board to bring the work surface into a more upright position
  • tossing bean bags at a target
  • use visual schedules 
  • i-spy books or pages 
  • complete mazes and puzzles 
  • color mixing activities 
  • make shadow puppets on the wall 
  • play with glow sticks 
  • use lava lamps for a calming space 
  • spray a target with a water gun 

Free Handout on the Visual System

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