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I have started doing monthly discovery bottles for tummy time play with Ben. It is a fun way to keep him entertained during tummy time and even Ellie likes them. Here are our Winter themed discovery bottles.

Winter Discovery Bottles for Baby Tummy Time Play

These were fairly simple to put together since I had most of the items on hand already.

  • 4 clear plastic craft bottles (I purchased these from the sand art isle at Hobby Lobby but you can also get them on Amazon).
  • Blue and silver star beads
  • White snow flakes
  • Fake snow
  • White and blue sparkly pom-poms

We had lots of fun introducing them to Ben during one of his tummy times. He usually does really well with tummy time right after waking up in the morning and will do about 15-20 minutes straight at that point. As he gets tired throughout the day he lasts in shorter periods of time, but we still do it during each waking period.

The star beads sound like a really fun rattle, he really liked that one. The snow flakes also made a nice sound since they were plastic. Overall, he really enjoyed looking at all the wintery colors in each bottle.

Ben does his tummy time on our alphabet rug and sometimes I put an extra play mat blanket under him. Since the alphabet rug is busy with a lot of colors, I put our tan play mat down so he could focus on the winter discovery bottles.

For an older baby or toddler who may be opening up lids you will want to use some hot glue on the inside of the lids so they can’t open them. I also only give these to Ben when I can be right next to him keeping an eye on him.

If you want to see these in action with tummy time play, you can watch this #GrowingKidsScope I did over on Periscope.

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