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Even if your winter is cold, it is a great time to look for different sights, sounds, tastes, and smells that are associated with winter. I created this winter senses scavenger hunt to help your child explore all their senses, including movement.

Winter Senses Scavenger Hunt Activities

Here are the fun ways you can encourage your child to explore with their senses over the winter months.

Since I live in the US and have a cold winter, these activities are mostly cold weather related. You can check out my other season’s sensory scavenger hunts to find one that fits the weather where you are:

  • Spring Senses Scavenger Hunt
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All of these activities should be completed with adult supervision. You can skip ones that might not be the best fit for your child or family.

Smell (Olfactory System)

pine needles

hot chocolate



wood fire

Taste (Gustatory System)



hot chocolate

hot cider



See (Visual System)

a snowflake

a cardinal (red) bird

squirrel or chipmunk

a snowman

a tree with no leaves

pine needles

Hear (Auditory System)

snow crunching

birds singing

wind blowing


quiet after it snows

Touch (Tactile System)

play in the snow

touch something cold

touch something warm

tree bark

Move (Proprioceptive & Vestibular System)

go sledding

dig a snow tunnel

roll down the hill in the snow

build a snowman

throw a snowball

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